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The latest news and information on the Beauty West Africa 2018

July 26th 2018


Mrs. Kudirat Fashola is the CEO of Kuddy Cosmetics. From her small beauty shop located on Lagos Island in 1986, she now has 17 shops and centres all over Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Abeokuta with over 100 staff strength. She ventured into business at the age of nine. Now at 60, Fashola takes us through her journey into beauty products, challenges, her lifestyle and lots more.

Background I was born into the family of the late Alhaji Mustapha Ade Kasunmu and the late Alhaja Idera Kasunmu. My father was the popular Alhaji Oyinbo Onipanla (White man selling stock fish). I hail from a family of 54 children. My father had six legal wives and other women. Only one of the wives is alive today. In a year, my father could do six baby naming ceremony. So, all of us had our set. While my parents were alive they did very well and after their departure, their legacy lives on. All the children are into business. I studied secretarial studies in London and returned to Nigeria after my graduation.

Being a beauty entrepreneur: Kudirat Fashola, the CEO of Kuddy Cosmetics, takes readers “through her journey into beauty products, challenges, her lifestyle and lots more,” in a Vanguard article.

Source: Vanguard – July 15 2018

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