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October 24th 2019

Beauty West Africa A Gateway For Expansion Of African Beauty Across The World

1. What is Beauty West Africa

Beauty West Africa is the largest exhibition focussed primarily on the beauty and cosmetics industry across the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. The exhibition provides a once a year opportunity for the global beauty and cosmetics industry to come together under one roof, here in Lagos, in order to promote, educate and demonstrate some of the latest products and trends both regionally and internationally.

2. Where did the Beauty West Africa Exhibition and Conference emanate from?

Personally, I was previously involved in organising a beauty exhibition in Nigeria between the years 2014 and 2016 for my previous employer. The event was always well attended and created a real meeting point for the industry leaders. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, the event didn’t live up to its full potential. I truly believed in the potential of the West African beauty sector, and Nigeria in particular – that is why I set up BtoB Events and launched Beauty West Africa, to give the global sector a platform to engage with the knowledgeable, exciting and lucrative West African market.

3. What is the aim of Beauty West Africa?

The main aim of Beauty West Africa is to help promote and support Brand Nigeria. We have specific SME zones set up throughout the exhibition enabling smaller local companies the opportunity to showcase their products amongst some of the leading companies from across the world. With such a wealth of natural resources here in Nigeria, shea butter and moringa oil, which have their own amazing properties exclusive to the region which need to be exported to the world. The increased exportation of such products and resources can really help grow the Nigerian economy. We will also invite our international exhibitors here to sample the market and learn about the amazing opportunities offered here. In this our short term focus is to bring new products to the market and long term we hope to promote local manufacturing here in Nigeria to our international exhibitors.

Source: Exquiste, October 2019

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