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October 06th 2022

Seven interesting Facts about Natural hair

Below are a few facts about the phenomenon that is Afro Hair.
1. There are more strands of Black hair in the world than any other, the average head would have 100,000-200,000 strands, with other races averaging at 40,000.
2. Black women are more likely to suffer from some form of balding or alopecia, at 40% rate being affected during their lives.
3. Because their hair gets extremely dry and has to moisturised often, Black women are more at risk of scalp conditions like dandruff and psoriasis than other ethnicities.
4. There are several different types of Black hair, not just one specification.

5. The first chemical relaxer was developed by an African American sewing machine repairman.

6. The first hair grower was developed by the first female African American self made millionaire, Madam CJ Walker.

7. 80% of the worlds hair care products are purchased by Black women, making them the highest of any race by a long way. They also spend more money on it than any other race.

Source: The Guardian, September 2022

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