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October 24th 2018

Boipelo Mabe Partners with My Skincare

Boipelo Mabe, former Miss South Africa, has partnered with My Skincare to launch a new vegan skincare range, named My African Skincare, according to IOL.com.

The range includes body butters and a scrub made with ingredients derived exclusively from the African continent and is being sold online and in Johannesburg boutiques.

My Skincare Founder Haley Rieckhoff said, “My Skincare was born from passion which has now turned into a business. Several months ago I was privileged enough to be introduced to Boipelo and we decided to join forces and elevate our business to where it is today. It is a wonderful feat to find someone who shares your passion.”

Speaking of the skincare launch, Mabe said, “I am so proud to have partnered with a brand that has a deep regard for people, our continent and the environment that sustains us. More than anything, this is a step towards disproving the notion that Africans consume what they don’t produce.”

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Source: Global Cosmetics News, October 2018

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