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August 29th 2018


Recognising that “the teen cosmetics market is now worth big money,” market data company Mintel’s team of global beauty and personal care analysts has developed an acronym to identify this new generation of beauty consumer. Aged 16-20, these people born between 1998 and 2002 are Approaching adulthood, Video driven, Influencer aware and Digital natives, or ‘AVID’.

AVID consumers may be young, but they are already very engaged with the beauty market, as 80% of UK consumers aged 16-20 have bought beauty products in the last year. However, AVIDs don’t know yet what they like or want, but they are eager to learn. Indeed, most 16-20s are interested in having their skin/hair analysed (61%) or in taking a personality quiz to identify their beauty needs (60%). Meanwhile, 58% like to watch videos of other people using the beauty/grooming products they own. Mintel research shows that only 10% of AVID consumers have bought a customisable beauty product in-store or online, highlighting that they may lack confidence in knowing their specific beauty needs.

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Source: Mintel – August 2018

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